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What We do

Private Equity Investment

We seek to invest in young and growing businesses with strong market potentials.

Consequently, a competent; experienced and capable management team is a key condition for investment.

Towards investment, the prospective investee company should satisfy the following criteria:

  • been in existence for at least 2 continuous years.
  • Management desirous of expansion
  • Competent management team
  • Sustainable profitable growth potential

Debt Finance

This is provided to support clients with bridging/short term (less than 2 years) funding requirement.

Mainly to meeting working capital requirements or satisfy offtakers orders.

Usually structured as straight debt or convertible debt (in the case of assets purchase/equipment leasing)

Funding terms are quite competitive and dynamic in relation to the investment risk.

Business track record and strong market demand are key factors that influence our funding decisions.

Project Development

Towards promoting agribusiness development, Webzen has good access to agricultural lands and do actively participates in agro-project developments such as setting up and management of cluster processing units, water production & management, management of agricultural lands for greenhouses, aquaculture, or targeted produce production.

We seek to partner with competent agribusiness practitioners, organizations and agencies towards creating and managing profitable agricultural projects across the country. We presently have ongoing interests in:

  • Commercial agricultural lands development in Lagos & Ogun state
  • Industrial & residential estates water production, treatment, and management services.
  • Agricultural projects revamp and realignment towards viability and sustainable returns.

Advisory Services

Leveraging on the pool of experience available with the company (Webzen) and the group (PanAfrican Capital Holdings), we are well positioned to provide qualitative business advisory and business support services to agribusinesses, food processing and related businesses towards ensuring business survival and growth inspite of challenging operating environments.

Having interacted with several firms, we have the competence to provide support to businesses and help navigate towards desired returns.

Product Distribution and Marketing

Towards improving the turnover of our investee and partner firms, we are actively involved in the distribution of health-focused food and beverage products.

WEBZEN is constantly seeking to expand the mix of products available for distribution towards having a wholesome basket of healthy consumables of choice for the consumer.